Creatively designed for your utmost comfort

Bridal Bedroom

Enchanting minimalist furniture usage with modern black and white scheme, works in this master bedroom.

Malfors Bed

We invest not only in the quality of room, but also in the quality of sleep. 

Bedroom for Comfort

Every bedroom in this house was perfectly designed for comfort and comfort what we aim for in this summer.


The classic color combination makes any room from living room to bedrooms — elegant, sophisticated, chic, and timeless.

Bedroom for minions

We love kids and these beds were made for them.

Bedroom for Nanny

Located on the ground floor, this elderly-friendly-designed room is equipped with nearby washroom and wardrobe.

Attached Bathrooms

You deserve the utmost attention to quality and comfort even at our bathrooms

Stylish Washroom

Small monochrome bathroom with wet room style shower exclusively for our dearest guest

Relaxing Shower

Enjoy the warmth and welcoming shower.

Multipurpose Bucket

Our bucket can serve as laundry bucket or baby's bath tub.

Real bed

As comfortable as hotel's bed. You might wake up late morning.

Made with Qards